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Getting your sewing patterns printed, marketed and distributed may seem daunting, but with help you can make the leap from PDF to print
Having your designs available as printed sewing patterns  that are stocked by key retailers, is a real advantage and opens the door to bigger sales and wider recognition of your work.  The problems associated with getting patterns printed often put designers off moving from just PDF but with our help you can make the transition seamlessly.
As the premier wholesale distributor of independent  sewing patterns in Europe we've 25 years experience of working with key brands and the retailers who stock those brands.
Working with specialist sewing pattern printers allows us to offer a great package for designers looking to reach a larger, global audience ... and the great news is the physical wholesale distribution and marketing are also included!

Sewing Pattern Printing | UK, EU and worldwide distribution | Marketing  | USA Fulfilment ... all taken care of so you focus on creativity

Emily from In The Folds patterns recently worked with us to lower her printing costs and improve her distribution across Europe ... she shares her experience below
"Hantex has been a fantastic company to work with since I first got in touch with them. I had printed my first run of patterns here in Australia with a local printer, but was struggling with the huge cost of shipping patterns from Australia to the rest of the world.
The high cost of shipping was deterring stockists from taking on my patterns, which was disappointing after spending so much time and money to get the product to print. Hantex suggested I reach out to the printer they work with in the US who specialises in pattern printing. I couldn't believe my luck when the sample pack of patterns arrived at my door and I could see the amazing quality of the patterns they print.
As soon as the print run was done, Hantex placed an order and all I had to do was submit the order details to the printer's online portal and the order was packed and shipped from the US to the UK. The other huge benefit of this arrangement is that new stores are finding my patterns through their existing relationship with Hantex.
Companies in the UK and Europe are able to buy all their supplies in the one place and don't have to worry about the cost of shipping and duties from the US, so that's a real win for small businesses thinking about taking on new products. Hantex also does a fantastic job of getting the word out about new designers and then they take care of the rest. For me there are now far fewer barriers to get my patterns into the UK / Europe market. "
Below we discuss and answer some of the most common questions asked.
What's the cost of having patterns printed?
This will depend on quantity and the style / format your choose for your patterns.  Each enquiry is dealt with individually because each designer has unique and custom requirments.   The  printers can provide a full quotation after discussing your requirements and there's no obligation.
What should you consider before proceeding?
1)  How many pattern titles would you be printing at any given time? 1 title? 2 titles? 4 titles?, 8 titles? etc. The more titles/versions you print on the same order helps decrease  unit pricing and allows ganging of items together on press sheets to gain cost efficiencies. Keeping titles in even numbers is best but not mandatory.

2)  What quantities of each pattern title do you want as a starting point? our printers just need to know the minimum quantity to start at and how many you think you ultimately want. For example: 150 ea. of 6 patterns up to 1000 ea. of 6? 500 ea. of 2 patterns up to 2000 ea. of 2? etc.

3)  Will your patterns be the typical 5.5"(14cm) x 8.5"(22cm) / 6"(15cm) x 9"(22cm) final pattern size? Or the larger 8.5"(22cm)x11"(28cm) format? Or something different?
4) Do you want a simple folded cover to house instructions and template sheets or a stitched booklet? We need to know booklet page count and it must be in increments of 4 pages, as that is how a stitched booklet is created. i.e. 8 pg., 12 pg. 24 pg., etc. If you go the stitched booklet route, do you want a self-cover booklet (where all the pages throughout, including the front/back covers are on the same paper? Or do you want the front/back cover on a cover stock and all the text pages on a lighter weight text stock?? It can be more cost efficient to use the same paper throughout depending on the project.

5)  Or perhaps a custom envelope or diecut folded package/folder would be the housing for your pattern materials?

6)  For your instructions (if not a stitched booklet as mentioned in #4) we would need to know what the format is, sheet size, page counts, do they print single or double sided, color or black/white throughout, etc.?

7)  Also how many large pattern sheets would you have, if any? 
What about selling my patterns?
Many designers choose to sell PDF's themselves and let stores handle the sales of physical patterns.
Stores buy from wholesale distributors like Hantex who market the patterns as well as stocking and delivering them.  Marketing is essential and Hantex has close links with the sewing press, media, bloggers and influencers within the industry.  We can get your patterns into the key retailers and ultimately into the hands of sewing enthusiasts.
You can choose where your patterns are distributed and which countries you sell in.
Of course you might wish to sell the patterns yourself to end users but be aware that this is time consuming and many designers find they are compromised in terms of the time they have available to develop new patterns.
Here are some of the brands we currently distribute for ...
To sum Up, here's what we can offer designers looking to print patterns:
  • Wholesale distribution of your patterns to stores across the UK, EU and worldwide
  • Guidance on design of your patterns and presentation
  • Pattern printing using the highest quality printers
  • Marketing of your patterns through magazines, social media, key bloggers and through our own online Pattern Finder
  • FREE sample fabric available for your pattern cover models