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Prym Thimble Adjustable
(Code: P431790)
Whoever does not want to do without their long fingernails, but often uses a thimble when sewing, will find Pryms plum blue adjustable thimble just perfect. Because the fingernail will be free at its opening on the upper side.

The special dot-shaped notches on the top and the grooved notches on the side allow for very precise needle guidance...
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Prym Finger Guard
(Code: P611333)
Protects finger placed underneath the fabric - adjustable.
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These natural-feeling self-adhesive finger pads make any sewing, needlework, cross stitch, or quilting easier and more comfortable. Simply apply one pad per working fingertip and you can enjoy hours of stitching pleasure.
o Push and receive needle comfortably
o Prevents sore fingers
o Better needle control
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