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Collins Fine Line Air Erasable Pen

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Collins Fine Line Air Erasable PenFine point makes a fine purple mark. Marks vanish without washing. Purple Fine Line Disappearing Fabric Marker This disappearing fabric pen is ideal for sewing quilting and embroidery projects. Instructions: 1. Always test first on a spare piece of your fabric to make sure marks completely disappear. Some fiber contents fabric finishes or dyes may not be suitable for use with this pen. 2. Mark fabric lightly with pen. Replace cap when not in use. 3. Remove marks at any time with plain water and a damp cloth or wait for them to disappear. The marks will normally disappear within 24-72 hours. Humidity and penetration of ink may vary timing. Washing/Laundry Instructions: Do not dry clean. Not recommended for dry clean only fabrics. Do not iron

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