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Prym Love Pompon Set 3 Sizes 9mm 3.3cm 5cm

(Code: P624190)
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When you want to decorate children's clothing, caps, scarves or bags, pompoms are evergreens and always catch the eye. Is it easy to make your own pompoms? No problem, because the Prym Love pompom set has the right tool for making the colourful bobble. It is child's play to transform a large number of handicraft and needlework ideas with a little wool and a pair of scissors. The set contains 3 tools in a variety of sizes, to make 3.3 cm, 5 cm und 9 cm diameter pompoms. The pack contains detailed instructions and explains how to wind the wool. and if you want something more than little round balls of wool, take a look at the cute animal pompom templates from the Prym range.

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